Summary: Can't get an address for Slave Server

From: Scott A. Surguine (
Date: Mon Mar 15 1993 - 02:26:41 CST


Yesterday, I was having difficulty finding some alterations I had made to
my Master Server's hosts file after changing Slave Servers ... My Master
server could not find any of the new addresses I had just added to its
hosts file < when I remade the hosts file: I received a complaint that make
couldn't find an address for the Server >

All my Clients could find the address of the Salve just fine regardless of which
machine was serving the client. The Hosts file on all clients consisted
of only localhost, and the client.

Today I started from scratch. I took all the clients and servers down, and
cleaned out the /var/yp directory on my Master Server. Everything came up
fine this time. I am still curious as to how this anomoly occurred.

My Guess is that somehow the Master, which was running both ypserv and ypbind,
became confused regarding the correct hosts map < although I dont see how this
could have happened since ypcat hosts showed the proper addresses >.

If Anyone has any light to shed on this I will Gladly :-) Listen.



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