SUMMARY: Solaris 2.1/OpenWindows 3.1 window server hangs

From: Greg Jumper (
Date: Sun Mar 14 1993 - 02:38:04 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

I recently asked if others had seen frequent "hangs" of the OpenWindows 3.1
server when using non-DeskSet applications and if anyone had solutions or

Based on Lew Yobs' replies and further investigation, it appears that the
input focus mode in "olwm" causes the problem: I normally run in
"click-to-focus" mode, but all the applications which tickled the problem
try to use "focus-follows-mouse".

I have currently switched to "focus-follows-mouse" mode (a subset of Lew's
solution below) and have not seen the problem again so far... If it recurs, I
will set the remaining resources Lew recommends.

More detailed responses follow.


Lee Quin offered the following possibilities for "backing out" of the problem:

     Some things to try:
     * Hit L1 when the server seems hung
     * If you can log in remotely, try
             DISPLAY=hungsys:0 psh -i
     if you get an error from psh, try instead
             DISPLAY=klklklk:0 psh
             /X11 3 0 findpackage beginpackage
     That's a way of geting out of the situation; the real question is
     how to avoid it in the first place, and I don't know the answer.
     Keep a /usr/bin/shelltool iconified, if you have it -- it's the
     SunView equivalent of cmdtool -- and when the server hangs,
     you can generally use that window to run the psh script.


Lew Yobs offered the following solution/work-around:

     Try setting these in your $HOME/.Xdefaults file:
     OpenWindows.FocusLenience: True
     OpenWindows.ServerGrabs: False
     OpenWindows.SetInput: followmouse
     olwm.WindowCacheSize: 0
     Then execute the command:
          % xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults


Thanks to the following people for responding:

     David Robinson (
     Liam Quin (
     Ed Keizer (
     Patrick O'Callaghan (
     Michael G. Harrington (
     Barry Moyer (
     Andy Feldt (
     Al Marti (marti@spot.Colorado.EDU)
     Lew Yobs (Lew.Yobs@Corp.Sun.COM)


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