SUMMARY: Sun 3/50 Thick / Think changeover

From: Dave Shevett (sparc!
Date: Fri Mar 12 1993 - 04:08:17 CST

Okay okay - You can all stop e-mailing me now. WE HAVE A WINNER!

It's unanimous. I originally asked how to change an old Sun 3/50 workstation
over from Thickwire to Thinwire ethernet. (the Sun/3 has both on the back.
Why doesn't sun do this anymore?).

The unanimous decision is to pop out the motherboard (4 screws on teh back,
then use the little levers to help push the card out of the chassis), and
switch over *ALL 8* DIP switches which are located on the motherboard,
about 2 inches back from the backplate. Switch them toward the BNC connector
for thinwire, or the other way for thick.

Thanks to all - too numerous to list here. The calls are STILL rolling in. :)
The workstation has been switched over. Server and client both doing well.

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