SUMMARY: substituting external for internal disks

From: Carlo L. Tiana (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1993 - 02:28:04 CST

Sun managers:
I posted:
>From: (Carlo L. Tiana)
>Subject: substituting external for internal disks
>Sun managers:
>I have a Sparc 1 acting as server with 2 internal 105Mb Quantum
>drives, and a couple of 2Gb external SCSI disks. Because SCSI id's
>are at a premium I was thinking of junking the 105Mb drives (or
>putting them in some Macintosh maybe) and replacing them with
>external units. Is this possible? Has anyone else done this?
>Anything I should look out for? The reason I thought I would ask
>is that the internal drives have dedicated SCSI sockets on the
>motherboard, and was wondering if this meant sd0 and sd1 have
>to be plugged into those sockets.
>Thanks very much - I will of course summarize.

Every single reply said 'go ahead and pull them out' basically.
The caveats to watch for are:
-keep SCSI bus cables as short as possible
-ensure no ID conflicts
-if the Sparc 1 has no graphics card and I take out the 2 disks the power
 supply maybe underloaded, a loading resistor may be appropriate: I thought
 this was synonymous with 105Mb Quantums? :-) But seriously, if I have a
 problem with that I might just leave one drive plugged into the power and
 unplugged from the bus.
Other suggestions were:
-adding an Sbus SCSI sontroller to relieve the bus load
-reconfiguring the kernel to take more than 4 disks and losing a tape drive
 or CD ROM
-making sure the internal drives are backed up and an external drive works
 as the boot device before pulling the internal drives (time saving
 suggestion, point well taken)
-this was not time critical, so should not have been on the list but rather
 a newsgroup - sorry, I apologise profusely, I do not have a local newsfeed
 (and I probably would not have the time to read the news if I did :-( )

Many thanks
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