SUMMARY: SLIP for 4.1.3

From: Why do you care? (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1993 - 02:10:17 CST

Hello sun managers,

The following are my original posts:

> I will be setting up SLIP client on my SPARC 2 running 4.1.3. Does anyone
> knows if the SLIP software for 4.1.1 still runs on 4.1.3? I remember seeing
> someone posting to this group that he/she has problems with setting up SLIP
> on 4.1.3

Most of the responses are: Let me know the result.

However, the 3 responses that I got from:
tell me that cslip version 2.6 is the solution that I am looking for.
I haven't try it out yet, but I will in about a week's time.
I'll document everything I do and will let all of you know when it is

Thanks to all who responsed.

Oh BTW, cslip 2.6 is available in:

Good luck

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