SUMMARY 4.1.3 on a Classic or an LX

Date: Wed Mar 10 1993 - 17:36:54 CST

Amidst the flames, the "it cannot be done," and the
"keep me informed" messages, two people responded
positively on the issue:

Richard J. Niziak who is wrote:

        "We have it running on both a classic and an lx.. "

I wrote to Richard requesting details, and he has not responded
so far.

Christian Lawrence who is wrote:

        "yes i know it has been done here....but cannot go into least yet.."

I will look forward to more information from Bellcore.

Several people wrote to say that clone maker Hyundai/Axel may have
4.1.3 on clones of the Classic / LX.

I hope that Richard and Christian will post additional information.

Bill Shorter
AT&T-Bell Laboratories

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