SUMMARY: Connecting RS-6000 to Sun Net.

From: John Murtari (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1993 - 16:28:15 CST


        My original question was "will an IBM RS-6000 have any problems
participating in an NIS environment?". The answers basically was:

        1. No problem running an RS-6000, w/AIX 3.2, as a NIS client.
        Just be aware that it will not start ypbind at boot time unless
you also have started NFS on the RS-6000 (or RS-6k). You will also need
to add services which AIX uses to the NIS services map (compare the AIX
/etc/services with that used on the NIS Master, and add the entries
just present on the AIX file and remake the map.

        2. On the RS-6k, the file /usr/lpp/bos/bsdadmin discusses some of
the differences between administering BSD and AIX.

        3. Remarks were mixed about an RS-6k acting as an NIS slave server.
Some people have had success, others no. May be fixed in a version of
AIX called "AIX 3.2.3 extended".

        4. No one recommended making it an NIS master.

        Thanks for all the replies. If I notice any other surprises when
we actually make the hook-up I will let you know.

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