SUMMARY - Mail Tool Problem

From: Dan A. Zambon (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1993 - 14:38:19 CST

Hi Netters,
The knowledge of this newsgroup has come through again....

My original post was:

> A simple but annoying problem has surfaced over the last few weeks...
> While running OW V3 from an NCD Xterm (served by a 630MP), clicking on
> the Mail File "arrow" used to bring up my vast listing of mail folders.
> Now it just gives me a wait indicator (the stopwatch). I do not
> get the usual screen of mail folders.

Of the responses I received, the one from Ed Arnold stated I had
too many folders in my mail directory to get an open window. He
suggested I try to start the mailtool from an open window (&mailtool),
click on the Mail File "arrow", and check for error messages. This
procedure produced the error

        XView warning: Menu too large for screen (Command Menu package)

which confirmed the problem. I moved some of my many mail folders to
appropriate subdirectories and now all works well.

My thanks to Ed and to the others who responded to my post. Even though
this was a simple (yet very annoying) problem, it again emphasizes the
knowlege and willingness of this group. Super!

Dan Zambon

Try starting mailtool from an open console window, then click on the
arrow and see if you don't get an error message (we did).

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