SUMMARY: Sun keyboard problem

Date: Tue Mar 09 1993 - 18:55:03 CST

Original posting:

> I recently replaced a Sun keyboard of a Sparc1+ (it had a broken <shift> key)
> to that from an old Sun4/110. To my chagrin, The system would not boot after
> that. Even before memory checks, the screen reports:
> No keyboard. Using input device ttya
> Using output device ttya


The problem is the keyboard from the old Sun4/110 is bad and blew the
keyboard fuse on all the CPUs to which we attached it. We salvaged
out a few of these 2.5A fuses from the mother boards belonging to some
old junk yard units, and replaced them. Voila!

Many Thanks to Thomas Weihrich, Geert Jan de Groot, and Steve Simmons
who hit the nail on the head.

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