From: Rick Emerson (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1993 - 09:26:23 CST

My thanks to the many people who offered a number of solutions to my
request. For anyone using VM, I'll be happy to send the entire folder
(it's BIG!). To keep things brief, here's the printcap entry I went


And here's hplaserjet:
#!/bin/csh -f
# @(#)hplaserjet 1.1 88/10/27 Sun Microsystems Inc 1988
# This is the output filter form use with HP laserjets I and II.
# It is called via the of entry in the generic_hp printcap entry
# All it does is send the escape sequence to the printer, so that:
# CR is mapped to CR
# LF is mapped to CR LF
# FF is mapped to CR FF
/usr/bin/echo -n '<CRTL-V><ESC>k2G'
#enable wraparound
/usr/bin/echo -n '<CTRL-V><ESC>s0C'
if ($status == 0) then
        exit 0
        exit 1

Note that I've substituted <CTRL-V> and <ESC> for the actual
characters in the script. Edit the actual two characters in each line
before trying to use the script, of course.


Thanks to: Adam Shostack Elmar Kurgpold Phill St-Louis Steve Maraglia
andrews@Erin.GOV.AU Andrew Scarman Roy S. Hallquist
        (Master Printcap Listing Vol. V -- extra thanks!) Ian Lumb
        (Also sent MPL Vol. V) Rick Larson Gary Whittington Arie Brikker Cengiz Oezcan-Barlach
        (Auf Deutsch! Danke schoen!)

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