SUMMARY: Target x now Synchronous

From: Simon Shickman (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1993 - 12:22:47 CST

> Hello,
> at 4.1.1 I used to see at boot time, messages like
> Target 0 now Synchronous at 4.0 mb/s max transmit rate
> What happened to those messages at 4.1.3?
> How can I know if a disk is in Synchronous mode at 4.1.3?

I would like to thank you all for answering me.

From: (Leon Koll)

From: Calum Mackay <>

Sun told me that they had so many phone calls about people who wanted to know
why their disk was only running at 4.0MB/s instead of 5.0MB/s (or similar) that
they removed this useful message from the SCSI sd leaf device driver
initialisation routine....
apparently there is no way to get this information using the standard tools...

From: Mike Raffety <>

Known "improvement" in 4.1.3 ... the SCSI driver always tries to
negotiate synchronous now. But, the driver has to switch back to async
occasionally for certain SCSI commands, and users found the extraneous
messages when it switched back to synchronous annoying, so Sun just
dropped the message entirely.

From: (Eckhard Rueggeberg)

I got the following info from Andreas Schulz (

You can get this behaviour for 4.1.3, if you set the variable "espdebug"
in "esp.o". But you get also some more info's. But i like it to
see, which speed my disks are negotiating with the host.

Enter the command "adb -w esp.o" (the "-w" is for writing at exit). You don't
get a prompt, but you have to enter the adb command "espdebug?W 1" then. You
get the notification "0 changed to 1" or something else. To quit the adb with
rewriting the object, give the command "$q". After that, you'll have to rebuild
the kernel.

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