SUMMARY: copying contents of dump tape to another tape

From: Daniel Hurtubise (daniel@CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA)
Date: Wed Mar 03 1993 - 20:27:01 CST

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question AND
sorry for the delayed summary.

In general, most of the replies mentionned using the dd
commande, such as:

        dd if=/dev/nrst9 bs=BLOCKSIZE | \
        rsh remote_machine dd of=/dev/nrst9 ibs=BLOCKSIZE obs=BLOCKSIZE

Some people explained that you can't simply use bs= on the remote server
because the network pipe will not maintain the original blocksize.

The dd command works fine, BUT, it is incredibly slow. I found that simply
redoing a level zero dump a second time without updating the dumpdates
file is much faster, and easier.

Other applications retreivable via ftp were mentioned. Unfortunetly,
I haven't had the chance to try any of them at the present time.

1) tapecv
   man pages:
   Tapecv is a tool that copies magnetic tapes between two tape
   drives and verifies the copy. It can work with local or
   remote drives, at any density supported by the drives.
   Tapecv requires no knowledge of tape format (except when
   copying from cartridge to mag tape).

2) copytape and tcopy (for drives on the same machine)

   copytape was posted to comp.sources.unix in volume 10.

3) buffer -i /dev/exa -s 63k | rsh other buffer -o /dev/exa -s 63k

   where buffer is a program available from:

   from Andreas Karrer <>:

   "since 8500's can read and write at about half of the
   ehternet bandwidth (i'm assuming ethernet here), this will often not
   bring your exabytes to streaming speed."

4) tputil

5) tprobe
   Posted on alt.sources

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