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This just in!

Thanks Tim. :-)

[ to place my patch order ;-) ]

Bob Cronin

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Subject: Re: SUMMARY: SunPro Licensing LINGER/TIMEOUT problem
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> Unfortunately, there was no solution for my problem.

I think it may be Fixed In A Future Release (see attached message).


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David McDaniel wrote:

> Some of those folks
> even have Lucid coming in next Wednesday, to determine if perhaps they
> might not more responsive to customer's needs, whether real or percieved.
> The customer may not always be right, but is always the customer.

We are listening. We made a mistake. Yes, the linger was used to
protect the compiler token during a build but 15 minutes was
too conservative. We are exploring alternatives now (even zero!).
It is not just a business issue contrary to what people believe; there
are network performance arguments why you should have a
non-zero linger time.

In any case, we do plan to lower the user-configurable minimum
linger time now that we have significant field experience. Remember,
this was our first time. We're human, too. Please stay tuned
for a future announcement....

We do appreciate all the constructive feedback we have been getting.
And yes, we appreciate our loyal customers. With 550,000 products
shipped around the world, anytime we make a change whether it is
a feature or bug fix it takes time to analyze, design, implement,
test, and deploy that change.

Please believe me. You are being heard throughout the hallways of
SunPro. We have not forgotten you. We know we have to be better
than our competition. Although we are mostly known for having
reliable compilers, we have very good productivity and
source integration tools. And a fantastic future. :-)

I'll be happy to talk to anyone who is looking at our
competition. We'll be pleased to send a demo CD if you've
not seen our latest products such as SPARCworks/TeamWare, too.

By the way, we're looking forward to meeting some of you in
person at the upcoming Solaris Developer Conference March 29-31
in Santa Clara, California. If you haven't heard about this
event, you might consider calling 800.433.4224. The cost for
all 3 days is $695 but in addition to admission and proceedings
you get to take home either a SPARCworks Professional or ProWorks
(yes, the same development environment as SPARCworks but for x86
platforms) package. If that wasn't enough you also get an
opportunity to buy a SPARCclassic for over 1/3 off! The conference
is a fantastic deal if you are a serious developer.

Best regards,

Greg Ching Account Manager, Western U.S./Canada
greg.ching@Sun.COM ph: 415.336.1422 FAX: 415.968.6396
SunPro, 2550 Garcia MTV 12-40, Mountain View, CA 94043

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