SUMMARY: NIS+ and netgroups and automount maps

From: Robert Ruge (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1993 - 10:29:45 CST

First my original request.
> I seem to be running into a problem with NIS+ and netgroups. I have
> the following in my passwd file on my fileserver:
> noaccess:x:60002:60002:uid no access:/:
> +@robert::0:0:::
> +@staff::0:0:::/usr/local/bin/noshell
> This is so that I can login to the server but nobody else can.
> I also have the nsswitch.conf setup as:
> passwd: compat nisplus
> group: files nisplus
> netgroup: nisplus
> and the robert netgroup being:
> robert (,robert,)
> With this setup when I type 'ls ~robert' I'm told no such user robert
> and an ls -l listing of /export/home (~50 users) takes forever, but if I
> change nsswitch.conf to
> netgroup: nis
> then things return to normal. The NIS+ netgroup was loaded from the
> same file that NIS uses.
> The SUN manuals also mention that using 'passwd: files nisplus' is a
> replacement for using netgroups but how do you handle my situation
> where you need to restrict access to certain machines? Another example
> would be our university having a global passwd file to get unique uid's
> but then our department only wanting to allow access to staff and students
> within our department. Can NIS+ handle this without resort to netgroups?
> I am also having a problem with automount maps. Under NIS I can start
> the automounter without an /etc/auto.master file and it will pickup auto.master
> and auto.home from NIS. However with NIS+ I get a warning message from
> the automounter and then it just aborts but if I edit nsswitch.conf to
> tell the automounter to use NIS it works fine. The auto_master file is:
> /stage auto_stage -rw,intr,soft
> /home auto_home -rw,intr,soft
> /net -hosts -rw,intr,soft
> where auto_home and auto_stage are either NIS or NIS+ maps.
> The error message is something like: Warning map hosts option -rw ignored.
> The warning message and the aborting could be unrelated but I get no other
> message from the autmounter.

Well I received several responses to my second problem which is now
solved, but no answers to my first query. The answer to the automount
problem is that I had two tabs seperating fields in the maps when NIS+
will only accept one tab. This seems to me to be both very slack
programming, and a bug. Thanks to Peter Young who supplied the winning

Also thanks to the following people for their responses:

From: Christian Lawrence <>
From: silver! (Jennine Townsend)
From: (Peter Young)

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