SUMMARY: SunPro Licensing LINGER/TIMEOUT problem

From: Robert J. Cronin (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1993 - 16:46:50 CST


My original posting is included at the end. This was a popular
subject, with 16 responders total. Unfortunately, there was no
solution for my problem.

It appears that the "LINGER" feature is controlled by the "vendor
daemon" (in this case, suntechd). The existence of this feature is not
in Highland's End User Manual, so it is either newer than the manual,
or Sun specific. (BTW, I learned of the manual from a responder. It
is obtainable via anonymous FTP from

> This is Sun's doing. It isn't lmgrd, but their suntechd daemon that is causing
> the problem. We use several other packages that use Flexlm, some also being
> "one-shot" short duration uses like purify, and there is no such problem.
> I think complaining to Sun is the right thing to do.

There was only one suggested work-around that seemed remotely suitable,
but it seems too fragile to be worth trying.

> ... kill off "suntechd" when the compile was finished. If you only
> have a couple of users banging away, this might work for you -- and
> lmgrd will restart suntechd OK; however, under severe "pounding", this
> also breaks down and suntechd gets hosed.

There was one other work-around which also seemed like it would work.
It was easier and more robust than the one above, but, as a side
effect, it would result in no license requests being rejected, and
therefore would make my company the one that was violating the license
agreement, instead of Sun Microsystems. I will not pass on that
work-around, nor will I use it. It is not my intention to abuse our
software licenses; only to utilize them!

The majority (12) of the responders offered opinions of Sun's licensing
scheme for compilers. Without turning this forum into a political
arena, I will simply state that 8 responders supported my position, and
4 responders supported Sun's.

I guess I am left with two other possibilities:

> Try sending mail to I figure if you go somewhere
> near the top and act really pissed, but also explain why you're pissed
> like the 15-minute linger it has better results. Sun is turning into
> a hierarchical corporate gator-farm like any other big company. I don't
> know if is a legal address, but it might not hurt to try.

> Hmmmm.
> Well GNU and CenterLine seem to be solutions. When the
> vendor takes away C, then sells it back and cripples it,
> go to someone else.

Thanks for all 16 responses: (Vincent Fox)
Brian Bartholomew <>
Casper Dik <>
Mike Raffety <> (Sun Net Managers Receipt Account) Guy Amsberry (Chuck Yerkes)
Bob Dowling <> (Donald McLachlan)
fabrice@cisk.ATMOS.Ucla.EDU (Fabrice Cuq)
XXXXXXXXX@Eng.Sun.Com (XXXXXXXXXXX) { Name withheld, though not requested }
Patrick O'Callaghan <>
Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>
sjsca4! (Russ Poffenberger) (Danielle Sanine)

Bob Cronin

> From rjcronin Tue Feb 23 13:19:40 1993
> To:
> Subject: SunPro Licensing LINGER/TIMEOUT problem
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> Hello Sun-Managers:
> Well, I'm miffed at somebody. Probably a brand new MBA in Sun Marketing.
> Seems we got new compiler upgrades for our C, C++ and FORTRAN
> compilers, which I thought were wonderful, as they now had fully
> floating licenses, ran under SunOS 4.1.1, and all was right with the
> world.
> But NOOOO... Sun had to go and mess everything up.
> It appears that the license manager has a minimum "LINGER" time of 15
> minutes. Sun's documentation says so, and that's the way it seems to
> be working. Therefore, if I invoke a compiler for a 10 second compile,
> no one else can use this license until 15 minutes later!! The 'Licence
> Agreement' states that:
> "SunPro grants you license to use the enclosed software program
> ("Software"). The maximum number of people ("Users") who may
> simultaneously use the Software is ... specified on the "Proof of
> License Certificate" that accompanies this package, ..."
> Note that it doesn't say the maximum number of people who can use it
> every 15 minutes!! (Needless to say, my local Sun Sales Rep. is looking
> into this for me.)
> Meanwhile, I thought a work around would be to put a "wrapper" script
> in front of the compiler, which would run "lmremove" after the compiler
> call returned. This doesn't seem to work. Although the log file
> indicates the removal action was undertaken, the license is still not
> available to other users, and "lmstat" still shows it in use:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> (excerpt from license.log...)
> 2/23 12:37:14 (suntechd) REMOVING rjcronin@grumpy:0.0 from sunpro.c by administrator request.
> 2/23 12:37:42 (suntechd) DENIED: sunpro.c v2.000 by mlgilber@grumpy(/dev/tty)
> 2/23 12:37:42 (suntechd) DENIED: sunpro.c v2.000 by mlgilber@grumpy(/dev/tty)
> 2/23 12:37:42 (suntechd) DENIED: sunpro.c v2.000 by mlgilber@grumpy(/dev/tty)
> 2/23 12:37:42 (suntechd) QUEUED: sunpro.c v2.000 by mlgilber@grumpy(/dev/tty)
> 2/23 12:37:42 (suntechd) QUEUED: sunpro.c v2.000 by mlgilber@grumpy(/dev/tty)
> 2/23 12:37:42 (suntechd) QUEUED: sunpro.c v2.000 by mlgilber@grumpy(/dev/tty)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> (excerpt from lmstat...)
> lmstat -a
> lmstat - Copyright (C) 1989, 1990, 1991, Highland Software, Inc.
> Flexible License Manager status on Tue 2/23/93 12:37
> License server status:
> disney: license server UP (MASTER)
> Vendor daemon status (on disney):
> suntechd: UP
> Feature usage info:
> Users of sunpro.c: (Total of 1 licenses available)
> rjcronin at grumpy on /dev/tty (v2.000), started Tue 2/23/93 at 12:33
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm not sure either why the second user's request generated 3 each of
> "DENIED"'s and "QUEUED"'s.
> Anyway, does anybody have a work around for this 15 minute "LINGER"
> time?
> Is lmremove busted? (I know there are 2 bugs in the database, but they
> don't seem to be related to this.)
> Could I possibly use the WordPerfect lmgrd against the SunTech_License
> license.dat?
> As always, will SUMMARIZE.
> Thanks again,
> Bob Cronin
> (

Status: RO

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