Summary: A sendmail question

From: Jun Wu (
Date: Mon Mar 01 1993 - 21:44:27 CST

Thanks to Neil Richert <> and Chirstopher Davis

The problem is due to a flag in Mprog line in file. The flag
'e' mean expensive mailer, which gets everything to command files queued
and processed later.


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FYI, here is the original question:

> Here is a question about sendmail. If the incoming mail is for >a real user, it gets sent immidiately to the user. But if it is for a >command file entry in /etc/aliases, say, > >test: "|home/scr/test" > >the mesage will get queued in /var/spool/mqueue, and processed later >(within an hour, probably because of -q1h option when starting sendmail). >Is there a way to configure sendmail so that mails to command files get >processed right away?

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