SUMMARY More than 3 spiff cards..

From: Melbourne Aust. Eng. (GAM.GARY@MELPN1.Prime.COM)
Date: Mon Mar 01 1993 - 02:22:10 CST

No replies to this prob, apart from a few suggestions of alternative
sbus serial cards. ( Thanks all the same...)

Searching through the spiff install script for clues, I found a comment
that indicated "8" spiff cards can be configured per system. The install
script is set up to only configure a max of 3 cards.

The solution was simple. When running the install script, do not run
the "configuration script." Rather than doing this, reconfigure the Kernal
manualy as per the instructions in appendix A in the "serial parallel
controller user's guide." This will configure the system for 8 spiff
cards. The /etc/ttytab and the /usr/etc/stc_defaults files must be
configured manually.

I now have the SS10-30 running 5 spiff cards with the aid of a sbus
expansion module. No problems.

Gary Marazita

ComputerVision Services
Melbourne Australia

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