SUMMARY: PC-NFS Printing to local post under Windows3.1

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1993 - 01:56:28 CST

I asked two weeks ago about printing via PC-NFS to a local printer
under Windows3.1. I recevied replys from: (Liesl Prather) (Margaret E. Myers) (Mike Andrews) (Hermann Kuhn)
   Peter Kaldis <peter@Civil.Concordia.CA>

Several pointed out that they had this problem, but the 4.0a Release Notes
discussed this (sorry about that people - I shoulda caught it) as shown below:
   When configuring Printers to be used with PC-NFS software, it is
   recommended that you use the Print Manager. You can do so by selecting
   "Use Print Manager" in Control Panel. Print Manager correctly handles
   output redirection to a local or remote printer. If you have problems
   printing to a local printer (i.e., one attached to your machine), go
   to Print Manager and verify that "Print Net Jobs Direct" is disabled.
   In Windows 3.1, select "Options" and then select "Network Settings."
   In Windows 3.0, select "Options" and then select "Network."

Also, don't forget to start RTM up before Windows (after your RTFM!).
BTW, we have also found out recently that it seems to be best to
install WorkGroups for Windows *before* installing PC-NFS.

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P.S. Now if we could only get our hands on PC-NFS for NT! ;-)

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