SUMMARY: sendmail - 2 problems

From: Joel Shandelman [FIMS Mgr of LAN Based Info Systems - 212-648-4480] (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1993 - 12:41:55 CST

Thanks to the following people who responded to my request: (Chuck Yerkes) (Robert M. Kuhn) (Michael Harris) (Andy Feldt)
pauline@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Pauline van Winsen - Uniq Professional Services)

First a note:
I erroneously said that cook was a 670MP. Due to some technical difficulties
a SS2 was set up in it's place. Prior to this, the SS2 was a users

Re: Problem 1 -

The fix for the host name configuration error
was related to an mount of /var/spool/mail. Even though
/var/spool/mail was taken out of the map when the machine was
converted from a user workstation to a server, a symbolic link (mail) was left
in /var/spool pointing to nowhere. After removing the symlink and creating
mail as a directory in /var/spool, the problem went away.

Re: Problem 2 -

The mailhost had inconsistent versions of the /etc/aliases{.dir,.pag)
files. After examining the Makefile, only the aliases.{dir,pag} were
being copied to /etc. The problem went away after I copied in the
ascii version as well. I updated the Makefile to do this as part of the
aliases target.


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