SUMMARY: Newsprint V2.0 under Openwindows V3.0

From: Jianxin Jiang (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1993 - 08:03:49 CST


    I have found the answer to the question I posted earlier today about
whether one could use the fonts of Openwindows V3.0 for Newsprint V2.0.
The answer is yes, and you don't need to do anything else besides loading
the font license password, provided that you have installed more than the
"small_openwin" (a minimal version of Opwnwindows V3.0).

    Jim Lick ( gave a detailed reponse and I wish to
thank him. Here is his response in its entirety:

The only reason you would have Newsprint fonts installed is if you were
using the 'small_openwin' package in Newsprint instead of the OW3 server
itself. small_openwin is as it says a minimal version of OW3. The
fonts it uses are of the same type as that used in the full-fledged 7 meg.
OW3. The summary you saw was to solve a problem of using Newsprint 1.0
on an OW3 system. Newsprint 1.0 is designed to work with OW2, and for
some reason is incompatible with OW3. Because of this it is necessary to
install the small_openwin package of Newsprint 1.0. If you are running
Newsprint 2.0, that should be compatible with OW3, so you do not need to
use small_openwin and you will not have the small_openwin fonts on disk.

The only case I can think of where you would have two sets of fonts on
disk is if you happen to have both OW and Newsprint's small_openwin
installed, and the only reason to do this is if you happen to run
Newsprint 1.0 on a OW3 system, as Newsprint 1.0 is incompatible with the
OW3 server. However, the fonts are still compatible, so you can use the
following procedure to delete Newsprint's small_openwin fonts and have
it use the OW3 fonts instead:

rm -rf /usr/newsprint/small_openwin/lib/fonts
ln -s /usr/openwin/lib/fonts /usr/newsprint/small_openwin/lib/fonts

This will save a few megs of disk space. I know this works because that
is how our system is configured currently.



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