SUMMARY: PC mail software

From: Jianxin Jiang (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1993 - 07:17:42 CST


    Thanks to all that responded to my inquiry about PC mail for DOS. Special
thanks to Shannon Price and Ian Lumb. Here are all the available packages
mentioned in the responses I received:

    1. PC-NFS LifeLine from Sun, which uses SMTP and POP-2;
    2. Pine, shareware that uses POP and needs MS-Windows to run;
    3. FTP Software's TCP/IP package for PC;
    4. POPMAIL, a free client/server package; PC client part is ftp'able from ( in /pub/pc/popmail-3.1.4, and
       the server part from ( in /pub/popper.
    5. An elm version for PC-NFS, ftp'able from
       ( in /pub/elm-pc. This needs a POP server;
    6. CCmail;
    7. Quickmail;
    8. NUPOP, a PC mail client which can receive/send via POP or receive via
       POP/send via SMTP. Can coexist with PC-NFS if you use packet drivers.
       NUPOP is available from /pub/

    As for using PC as an NFS server, I received the following recommendations:

    1. Chameleon from NetManage for MS-Windows, phone (408) 973-7171;
    2. SOSS, public domain software; needs a dedicated PC to be NFS server;
       obtainable via anonymous ftp from
    3. Possibly FTP Software's TCP/IP package.

List of people who responded: (Stan Olan Barber) (Brett Lymn) (Andrew Luebker) (Ian Lumb)
        hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz) (Francois Donze)
        macphed@dvinci.USask.CA (Ian MacPhedran) ((Fred Seals) (Robert N. Thompson) (Larry Chin) (Bert Robbins)
        jeo01@albnydh2.bitnet (Jim O'Brien) (Loretta McKibben)
        eclipse! (Jae Chung)
        kla!brandari%sunra@Sun.COM (Paul Brandariz) (Liesl Prather) (David Murillo) (Shannon Price) (Jack N. Churchill) (Alan Thew)


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