SUMMARY: 4.1.3 DNS no NIS library hack loses -ldl ?

From: Nick Sayer (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1993 - 18:22:44 CST (Nick Sayer) writes:

>I have recently performed the DNS-no-NIS hack on a sun running 4.1.3.
>Now whenever I link, I have to explicitely link with -ldl otherwise
>_dlopen, _dlclose and a couple other routines will not be found.
>What did I do wrong? Did Sun forget to update /usr/shlib.etc/lorder.sparc
>or something?

Many thanks to the many who helped me with this so quickly. The problem
is that in /lib/shlib.etc/Makefile, all the lines that have 'ld' in
them must have '-ldl' added to them.

Thanks again.

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