SUMMARY: Patch 100713

From: Deborah Heller (deb@beaux.ATWC.Teradyne.COM)
Date: Wed Feb 24 1993 - 02:38:31 CST

Sun Managers:

Many thanks to all who answered my request for information leading to the
capture of patch 100713. My original post (in succinct form):

>25) How do I make the numeric keypad on a type 5 keyboard work with xterm?
> You need to patch the /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm and
> $OPENWINHOME/lib/app-defaults/XTerm files as described in sun
> patch 100713-01 or later.
>I have been looked on for this patch, as well as one or two other
>systems and have not found it. Am I blind, or is there someone out there
>who has this patch and can,
> 1) send it to me, or
> 2) tell me from where I can ftp it.

I have learned my lesson: NEVER ask for a patch from a list of undetermined
numbers. I received many copies of the patch (thank you!), but from now on I
will only ask to pointed to where I might obtain the patch. We wouldn't want
to fill up the bandwidth with too much extraneous uucoding, now would we?? ;-)

I won't post the patch in this summary. If, after reading the summary, someone
out there still feels they can't get it from the sources mentioned, send me
email and I'll send it to you.


1. From: nims@Andersen.COM (Christopher D. Nims):

Did you try archie to find it? Or possible even better, have you tried
calling Sun's online patch bbs? If you need then number let me know...I
have it around somewhere.

2. From: (Peter Dalgaard)

rubin<pd>44: archie -s 100713-
    Location: /pub/sun-patches
           FILE -rw-rw-r-- 5372 Sep 21 08:18 100713-01.tar.Z
           FILE -rw-rw-r-- 964 Sep 21 08:18 README.100713-01
    Location: /pub/comp/sun/sun-fixes
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 964 Jan 5 19:23 100713-01.README
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 5372 Oct 25 11:15 100713-01.tar
Good luck!

3. From: Peter Shipley <shipley@tfs.COM>

I just emailed you the patch. I found it by useing the command
    archie -r 100713
    Location: /pub/sun-patches
           FILE -rw-rw-r-- 5372 Sep 21 08:18 100713-01.tar.Z
           FILE -rw-rw-r-- 964 Sep 21 08:18 README.100713-01
    Location: /pub/misc/sun-fixes/100700-100799
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 4112 Oct 21 09:34 100713-01.tar.Z
    Location: /pub2/sun-patches
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 5372 Nov 2 18:37 100713-01.tar.Z
    Location: /pub2/sun-patches/readme-files
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 964 Sep 11 18:56 README.100713-01
    Location: /pub/sun-fixes/new
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 5372 Oct 22 19:21 100713-01.tar.Z
    Location: /pub/sunfixes/patches
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 964 Feb 1 12:09 100713-01.README
    Location: /pub/ubc/sun-patches
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 5372 Sep 21 08:18 100713-01.tar.Z
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 964 Sep 21 08:18 README.100713-01
    Location: /patches/sun-dist-ksu/new
           FILE -r--r--r-- 5372 Oct 22 19:21 100713-01.tar.Z
    Location: /pub/sunos-patches
           FILE -rw-rw-r-- 5380 Nov 26 18:59 100713-01.tar.Z
    Location: /pub/sun/sun-fixes/100700-100799
           FILE -r--r--r-- 5372 Oct 22 20:21 100713-01.tar.Z
    Location: /pub/sun/sun-fixes/new/00-new/99/new
           FILE -r--r--r-- 5372 Oct 22 20:21 100713-01.tar.Z-kansas
    Location: /pub/sun-fixes/OpenWindows-3.0
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 964 Oct 20 17:26 100713-01.README
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 4112 Nov 14 17:29 100713-01.tar.Z
    Location: /pub/unix/sun-fixes
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 964 Sep 11 18:56 100713-01.README
           FILE -rw-r--r-- 5372 Oct 8 18:56 100713-01.tar.Z

4. From: david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre):
i don't want to swamp you but will send it if you still need it.
>>>>>>> Thanx, David! I already received a lot of copies!! <<<<<<<

5. From: Frank Henderson <>

Hello, is for security patches only. Try
in the directory pub/sunfixes -- for your patch would be in sub-dir
Anyway I don't have the patch yet but here's the readme.
Patch-ID# 100713-01
Keywords: cte3296, window, 3.0, numlock, xterm, ow3.0, type-5, keyboard, keypad, end, home, pagedn, pageup
Synopsis: OW 3.0: In an Xterm window numlock does not work
Date: 19-Aug-92
SunOS release: 4.1.1
Unbundled Product: OpenWindows
Unbundled Release: 3.0
Topic: xterm bungles keypad entries with numlock ON.
BugId's fixed with this patch: 1098715, 1095262, 1075151
1098715 xterm doesn't recognize type-5 keyboard middle keypad
1095262 In an Xterm window numlock does not work
1075151 In an XTERM window, numlock does not work on 3.0
Architectures for which this patch is available: sun4
Patches which may conflict with this patch: None
Obsoleted by:
Files included with this patch: XTerm
sum XTerm
52949 6
Problem Description: xterm bungles keypad entries with NumLock ON.
        mv $OPENWINHOME/lib/app-defaults/XTerm $OPENWINHOME/lib/app-defaults/XTerm.FCS
        cp -p patchdir/sun4/XTerm $OPENWINHOME/lib/app-defaults

6. From: "Bob Bartlett" <>:

Try using archie. It is a great utility for finding anything on the
net. Find below a listing from archie (I've not deleted the file
matches that are not the patch -- I was not expecting anything to
match 100713 other than the patch). If you need the code for the
archie client, let me know and I'll mail it or transfer it to you.

>>>>>>> Deleted archie info, as it is redundant of answers 2 & 3, above <<<<<<<
>>>>>>> Although it does contain a a lot more hosts. If anyone is <<<<<<<
>>>>>>> interested, I'll send them a copy. <<<<<<<

7. From: "Bob Bartlett" <>:

Here is a uuencoded file containing the patch 100713-01.

>>>>>> Bless you! <<<<<<

8. From: Mike Raffety <>

To get Sun patches, you should call your Sun support hotline or
people. They're not public-domain; they're not legally supposed to be
freely FTP-able.

>>>>>> Well, that's interesting. Since Sun seems to be using <<<<<<
>>>>>> to post security patches. Nonetheless, the next time I call them <<<<<<
>>>>>> for software support, I'll ask them about their policy concerning <<<<<<
>>>>>> patch availability on the Internet. <<<<<<

9. From: Torsten Metzner <>
Hallo Deborah,
you will find the patch on ( )
in the directory /pub/sunos-patches:
        ftp> pwd
        257 "/pub/sunos-patches" is current directory.
        ftp> dir 100713-01.tar.Z
        200 PORT command successful.
        150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
        -rw-rw-r-- 1 neighorn source 5380 Nov 26 18:59 100713-01.tar.Z
        226 Transfer complete.
        remote: 100713-01.tar.Z
        71 bytes received in 0.079 seconds (0.87 Kbytes/s)

10. From: (Lance Jones)

A good place for finding Sun patches is is another good site.
A good way to track these patches down is to use 'Archie' either by a remote
log in to an archie server or by using the 'archie' or 'xarchie' clients
available on the net.
For example, to find the patch you want, I just did an 'archie -c 100713' and
got back an answer listing 12 sites which have the patch.

11. From: Sven-Ove Westberg <>

Also game me an archie -s 100713-01 listing, which, for brevity and against
redundancy, I won't duplicate here.

Thanx Sven-Ove!

12. From:
--------------------------- --

Jeff pointed out that Question #26 attributes the answers to questions 25 & 26 to:

Margarita Suarez <>

(sorry, Jeff, I lost your *real* name. Mea Culpa!)

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