SUMMARY: sparcprinter woes

From: Alan Hargreaves (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1993 - 02:33:17 CST

(Yesterday) I asked about a possible conflict with the combination of
4.1.3, OW 3.0, Newsprint 1.0 and the 1.0 SBUS drivers. I logged in
today to 20 answers! Thanks to those who responded so quickly. The
problem appears to have a couple of solutions:

1 Upgrade to Newsprint 2.0
2 Install the OW 2 subset with Newsprint 1.0. After installing
        this, the fonts directory can be removed and symlinked to the
        OW 3 fonts dir to save space (which on an IPC with 2 x 207Mb
        discs running various CAD packages is tight).

Looks like I will do 2 and suggest 1 to the people who have money to
spend. The following people replied to my query Again thanks for the
quick response.

alan. (Chuck Yerkes) (Frank Dzaak)
ups!basil! (Pauline van Winsen) (Michael G. Harrington) (Jeff Mittelman) (Bob Rahe)
Ike Stoddard <> (Marvin Tay Eng Sin)
nims@Andersen.COM (Christopher D. Nims) (David Willard)
Frank Henderson <> (Michael D. Reynolds) (Jeff Cummings) (Jim Murff)
Richard Fink <> (Steve Lee)
Cameron Humphries <>
James Dang <>
Jim Lick <>
Chris Phelan <>

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