SUMMARY: SMD & VME on Solaris 2.X

From: Jens Petersohn (
Date: Thu Feb 18 1993 - 07:23:04 CST

I posted an article a few days (maybe a week ago) concerning our Sun 4/400
machine and it's SMD drives. I was told by two sales (?) people from Sun
Cleveland that Solaris 2.X does not support SMD hard drives.

They were partially correct. After about $100 worth of phone calls and email
messages I have found out the following:

Solaris 2.0: Supports neither VME nor (or hence) SMD drives. This release was
strictly for SPARCstations (the desktop variety).

Solaris 2.1: Supports Sun VME chassis (such as the 4/400) and the Xylogics 451
SMD hard drive interface.

Apperantly the people from the Cleveland office were misinformed as to the
support of various pieces of (what Sun considers) outdated equipment. It seems
to me that Sun's internal communcations system is in serious need of
overhauling if such miscommunications can occur.
The bottom line however is that our machine (and it's hard drives) is still
supported and will be for a while to come.
(I wonder if Sun is going to reimburse me, or the unversity, for the phone
calls I made.)

Jens Petersohn

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