SUMMARY: Using Macintosh disks on a Sun?

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Date: Thu Feb 18 1993 - 06:56:16 CST (Kees Huizing) writes:

>Is there a program with which you can read and write Macintosh disks on a
>Sun (Sparc station)? I know that the 800K format will be difficult, because
>of the varying motor speed. The 1440K format ought to be possible, although
>it seems to be a bit more complicated than, e.g. MS-DOS, due to the more
>complicated file structure of the Macintosh. Has anyone tried this?

First to non-answers.

1. You can use mtools to read and write MS-DOS disks on the Sun and then use
on the Macintosh with AppleFileExchange or another utility, if you have
a Mac with Superdrive.

2. You can read and write (DOS-formatted) disks on the Sun in the tar or bar
format and use them on the Macintosh with suntar. This is indeed a solution,
suntar even recognises MacBinary and converts it automatically, but is quite
slow (on both sides, due to the sequential structure of tar and bar

I was looking for a utility like mtools that reads and writes true Macintosh
disks on a Sun. This seems not to exist as such. What does exist is Liken, a
complete Macintosh emulator for the Sun that also supports Macintosh disks.
See a parallel posting in these newsgroups for details about Liken.o

Thank you for the answers.

                                                Kees Huizing

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