SUMMARY: multiple ST3283N in SS1

From: Robert E. Landsparger (
Date: Wed Feb 17 1993 - 15:56:15 CST

Original question:

> I want to place a second St3283N in my SS1 to be able
> to boot either 4.1.1 or Solaris 2.1, my question is,
> has anyone placed a second drive in their SS1? Any
> heat problems? Since we are ordering SS10 number 2 and
> 3, it is time to get to work on learning 2.1.

Got several replies, and thanks to: (Joe P. DeCello)
        "Peter D. Bille" <>
        Geert Jan de Groot <> (Jim Hoel)

I received three "don't do it's" and one "go ahead". The
winning response is:

> we have tested ss1 in our engineering dept with 2 internal drives and
> there is a definite heat problem. We do not recommend putting more
> than 1 drive in the ss1, ss1+ and ss2, we are testing the ss10.
> Also FYI we do not recommend putting any drive larger than a 207mb in
> the ss1 amd ss1+ and nothing larger than a 424 in the ss2. I suggest
> going external.

Thanks much to all who have played...


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