SUMMARY: HIH0: xmit hung, donebits=0 (Sun X.25 v7.00 and HSIS problem)

From: John Howie (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1993 - 20:53:15 CST

First of all thanks to the following for replying:


        The original query was why was I getting the error message:

        HIH0: xmit hung, donebits=0

        As I had suspected, and speculated in my original question, the problem
was missing clock signals from the DCE. The cable was fine. I found this out
a couple of hours after posting the original question!

        No-one mentioned which RS-449 -> X.21 cable to use (the diagrams in
the Sun X.25 Administrators Guide and the HSIS Installation Guide are
different). I used a cable made up to the specification in the HSIS Installation
Guide and it worked fine for me - I'd recommend using that one.

        One interesting comment was that patch 100328 is now up to revision
level 13!



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