SUMMARY: Fuji 1.6 Gig Drive Problems

From: Marc Phillips (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1993 - 19:14:41 CST

>Original question: Does anyone know of any problems with filesystems getting
>corrupted on Fuji 1.6 Gig (M2652) drives on SunOS 4.1.2?

The answers that came back were that firmware revision 5A and 8P were bad,
and would need to be replaced. We replaced our rev 8P's with Rev 10O (ten-oh),
and for the past couple of weeks all seems to be fine. One nice thing that
Fuji allows you to do is to upgrade your firmware via software. If you have
rev 8A or higher (as we did w/ 8P), you can hook the diskdrive up to a PC
with an Adaptec controller, and change the revision of the firmware on
the fly (rather than having to send for PROMs, and take the drive apart and
replace them, yuck).

You can call 1-408-944-9899 for Fuji Patch Board......where you can download
        the patch revision 10O from here.

You can call 1-800-826-6112 for Fuji Tech Support if you need help with
        the patch board, or just need someone to talk to about 'your' Fuji
        disk problems.

Too many names to mention those whom responded....But I thank you all very
very much.

        Marc Phillips

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