SUMMARY: Bootable floppy

From: Hao Wang (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1993 - 15:36:50 CST

My original query was:
Is it possible to create a bootable floppy disk?
I post this question is because of that we are currently running WDSF/VM
(workstation data save facility, an product from IBM) which back up our
workstation data files by VM as server. But we are not able to boot the
system from the backup tape.

1. Form Tony Dale
The best I ever managed was a disc with the boot files and a (very small)
/vmunix on it. There isn't much room for anything else... It's quite
handy to have such a disc, though, because if someone loses their boot
or /vmunix files it's easy to bring them back.

2. From Gary Marazita
 As root, format a floppy and do the following,
 newfs /dev/rfd0c
 fsck /dev/fd0c
 mkdir /floppy
 mount /dev/fd0c /floppy
 cp /boot /floppy/boot or ( cp /usr/kvm/stand/boot.sun4c /floppy/boot )
 cd /usr/mdec
 installboot -vl /floppy/boot bootfd /dev/rfd0c
 This should give you a bootable floppy.
 To boot from the floppy on a sparc2 at the ok prompt enter
 boot floppy -a

3. From Brett Lymn
Yes you can, check out the man page for installboot. Of course you
will first need to format the disk, newfs it and put vmunix and boot
on there, then you will need to run installboot on the floppy.

Many thanks to: Tony Dale Gary Marazita Brett Lymn James Litchfield

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