SUMMARY: AMD automounter vs. Sun's

From: Amir J Katz (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1993 - 09:35:07 CST

Recently I asked:
AJK> Following the interesting article by Marty Leisner in UnixWorld, 1/92 about
AJK> the AMD automounter, I'm considering the possibility of using it. My
AJK> questions are:
AJK> 1. How better is it than Sun's automounter?
AJK> 2. What kind of support is available for AMD? Any mailing list? Newsgroup?

The major win points for AMD are:
1. AMD supports redundancy. Sun's doesn't.
2. AMD is architecture neutral (SGI/DEC/HP/NEXT/IBM/SUN and on).
3. You have the source code.
4. AMD deals with failures better.
5. AMD is non blocking and multi-threaded. Client won't freeze if a server
   crashes somewhere.
6. You can put in host and network dependencies.
7. You can mount more than just NFS file systems.
8. More reliable than some Sun versions.
9. AMD can read maps from NIS, Hesiod or text files.
10. AMD is much more configurable than Sun's.

Other notes of interest:
1. The mailing list is:
   subscribe by sending mail to:
2. Current version (5.3 beta) needs may patches. Please note that only one
   person had commented about this.

Marty Leisner says:
ML> There's also a good article by Dinah McNutt in March Unix Review on
ML> automounters.

Perry E. Metzger <> adds:
PM> No real support, but Jan Simon Pendry tends to fix bugs if you point them
PM> out. We run it in a mission critical network at a financial institution,
PM> so our reliability constraints are very high -- we are perfectly happy with
PM> it. In fact, its far more reliable than the "supported" automounter from
PM> Sun.

Thanks to:
Chuck Yerkes
Joel Abbott, DoD#272, abbott@ukma.bitnet, uunet!ukma!abbott
Marty Leisner
Jack Stewart jack@CCSF.Caltech.EDU
Gary Blumenstein, uunet!gcm!garyb
Perry E. Metzger
Michael C. Busby
Simon Leinen
Piete Brooks
Tom Crummey

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