SUMMARY: (& WARNING) 670MP won't boot

From: Martin Rootes (
Date: Fri Feb 12 1993 - 23:51:11 CST

Dear All,

   Panic over - The problem was a bent pin on the SCSI lead that goes from the
CPU board to the internal disks. Should have checked the cables, that way I
would have avoided that horrible "Oh no we've blown something on the CPU board".
Seems like this is a common problem.

WARNING: Something I didn't realise before arranging for one of our Engineers
to fit the card: Sun require you to get one of their engineers to fit SBus cards
to 670s. It's apparantly only Workstations that you are allowed to fit cards
into yourself.

Thanks to: Well no one so far, probably due to the fact that it was a hardware
problem. Mind you I'm suprised nobody said check the pins on the SCSI lead.

   Martin Rootes.

My original:
> Dear All,
> Wev'e just installed an SBUS Ethernet/SCSI card in our 670MP (4.1.2), and now
> it won't boot. It can't read the disk label of either the boot disk or the
> cdrom, so I can't even boot off that! We tried removing the card but no joy.
> probe-scsi produces half garbage (you can make out MICROP and ARCHIVE VIPER
> amongst the random characters) then hangs. I currently can't call Sun (it's
> 19:30 here and our normal support line is closed). Any bright ideas? Or is it a
> case of call in the engineer?
> Martin Rootes.
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