SUMMARY: OW 3.0 and x11r5 applications

From: Mike L. Greenfield (mike@mycenae.cchem.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Fri Feb 12 1993 - 14:40:00 CST

My original question was about compiling x11r5 applications on a
sparc 10 running sunOS 4.1.3. The problem was that I couldn't find
the include files:

 ./xgraph.h: 9: Can't find include file X11/Xos.h
 ./xgraph.h: 10: Can't find include file X11/Xlib.h
 ./xgraph.h: 11: Can't find include file X11/Xutil.h
 ./xgraph.h: 12: Can't find include file X11/cursorfont.h

Thanks to the many people who posted or emailed me responses.

The problem is that there are two levels of installation for OpenWindows.
One is a COMPLETE installation (programmer's level), which includes the
required files in locations sush as $OPENWINHOME/include/X11 and other
similar directories. The other is an END-USER installation, which
contains executables and other files for running Open Windows EXCEPT
for the include files. This END-USER installation is the default for
a machine with Open Windows installed at the factory, such as our sparc10.

Sun software support tells me the solution is to use the Solaris 1.1
SMCC Version A CD and to install the Programmer's version using (as root)

/usr/etc/install/list_files sr0 OW_Programmers and
/usr/etc/install/extract_files sr0 OW_Programmers .

I would provide details, except I couldn't get those commands to work.
Ultimately I found the files on a remote machine and will install them
using ftp. It turns out that the Programmer's OW 3.0 is about 76 Mb,
while the EndUser OW 3.0 is about 44 Mb. I think this is why Sun
installs the EndUser version in the factory.

One other point was raised in response to my question. Apparently
Open Windows is based on x11r4, and (I quote the response here)

   "For X11R5 Programs, you will have to swap the LPATH so that the
    Program gets the R5 dynamic Libraries instead of the standard ones.
    Not very nice, but I'm afraid of switching to R5 completely if OW
    explicitly says it's in Love with R4. "

Thanks again to everyone who responded to the original post.

Mike Greenfield


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