SUMMARY: Building & Debugging SunOS Kernels paper

Date: Thu Feb 11 1993 - 04:48:37 CST

Sorry this took a little while to get out.

Ok. It appeared that a had a corrupt version of the postscript
document and Hal Stern sent me another copy. Many thanks.
[the whole postscript file is 138138 bytes]
However I still have the same problem with the printer bombing out.
People suggested making sure that the %! header was in place and the
%PageSize was set correctly in the document. These all appear to be ok.
Ken Bibb (whose mail I have attached) suggested using a program
I don't have as I use MIT X11 but others may wan't to try.

I have spoken to the printer manufacturers (Kyocera) and sent them
the document. They have managed to replicate the problem! So its
appears to be a problem in the printer firmware.

So I still do not have a paper copy of the document but I can view
the file in ghostview so all is not lost.

I thank you all those who took the time to reply. I have also
forwarded copies of the paper to those who asked.

Thanks to: (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)
"Andrew Luebker" <> (Chuck Yerkes) (Bill Heiser)
John DiMarco <> (Leon Koll)
ldavis!woden! (David Gunn)

> From: (Ken Bibb)
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> Subject: Re: Building and Debugging SunOS Kernels paper
> Look in the $OPENWINHOME/bin directory and you should find a "fixframe"
> program (or something similar). Run the postscript through that and it
> should be fine :)
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