SUMMARY: Installing Openwindows

From: Peter Steele (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1993 - 20:27:55 CST

My original post was:

>I just installed SunOS 4.1.3 and decided not to install any of
>the Sunview packages. However, after I finished the install I
>tried running openwin and it complained that
>wasn't found, along with another directory with application
>defaults are stored. Is this part of one of the Sunview packages?
>If it is, can I install these packages without having to go to
>the miniroot and run suninstall?

Thanks to all the *many* who replied so quickly to my post. The
answer is either:

1. Run openwin with the -nosunview option

2. Use add_services to add the SunView_Users package from the
distribution CD.

I decided to do the latter as this was not a particularly large

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