SUMMARY (part2): Disksuite-1.0 and SunOS 4.1.3, Interesting misc.

From: Kumaraswamy Subramanian (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1993 - 23:03:49 CST

This is a supplement to the previous summary. I just found out that
I had overlooked one of the responses. Sorry about that..

Thre response from Hui( says that the
scsi-initiator-id on S10 must be changed, though he hasn't mentioned the
reason for that. In fact I haven't changed the default scsi-initiator-id
on my S10 and it still works. Can somebody or Hui point out the consequences
of changing or not changing the default scsi-initiator-id?


My query
> * The S10 has one FSBE/S and the other is (SBE/S), will this be a problem
> when mirroring two disks each using one the SCSI buses?

Answer from Hui
I have a project here using S10 with 4.1.3 and FSBE/S for mirroring two
disks. Make sure that the S10's eeprom scsi-initiator-id is different.
The default scsi-initiator-id of the S10 is 7. What I did is to change
one of the S10 to 6. You could do this by issuing the following command
even when the system is running:
                login in as root
                type "eeprom scsi-initiator-id = 6"
Then make sure that the 2 disk drives do not have scsi id set to be either
7 or 6.
You will see some kind of kernel message when you boot the system saying
that the scsi-initiator-id has been changed to 6. Also you will see scsi
bus reset message when the other S10 boots. So long as you don't access
the same partition at the same time, you should not have a problem. BTW,
I set up the mirror disk for Sybase disk mirroring. I hope this would help.

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