SUMMARY - OLV3, Mailtool won't display subject header.

From: Jeffrey Marans (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1993 - 15:15:30 CST

I originally wrote:
>I've just installed open windows v3 and am running it under 4.1.1.
>Mailtool no longer displays the subject field in the window that
>lists the messages. It also no longer updates the status field
>in that window except for the following behaviour. N is
>changed to blank after reading, but back to N when changes are saved.
>My machine is a nameserver for a small domain, and mxmail is running. (Bertrand Decouty) wrote:
If I remember well, there is a provided patch to apply when you set LC_CTYPE
to another thing other than C, as with iso_8859-1.

The patch is in $OPENWINHOME/lib/OSpatches

PS: if you speak french, install OW3 localization and look at mailtool
speaking French!

So I used /usr/openwin/lib/OSpatches/install_4.1.1patches and restarted


Jeff Marans.

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