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Date: Mon Feb 01 1993 - 15:02:04 CST

Our news.feed is finally processing incoming news, but apparently news
got out since I received some answers back.

Sun has two packages:

        Sun Graphics Kernel System (SunGKS)

                Order Number: GKS-4.1-4-4-21

                A 2D programming library, with some 3D.

        XGL Graphics Library

                Order Number: XGL-2.0-4-4-21

                A 3D programming library, with some 2D.

>From what I gather, these pacakage will take advantage of the
hardware that is in the machine reguardless of the machine that
it was compiled on. Our campus has GKS, but not XGL, so I
compiled the GKS examples, and ran them on a cgthree, cgsix,
and cgtwelve. There was a differnce in speed and functionality.

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