SUMMARY : SBus Ethernet cards won't work in 4/670 or 10/30

From: Ivan Angus - ne Dean (
Date: Sun Jan 31 1993 - 22:26:42 CST

I recently asked whether anyone had any tricks to make an SBus Ethernet
card - part number 595-2116-03 - work in a 10/30 or a 4/670.

The answer seems to be a resounding no, you cannot make them work. Hal
Stern was kind enough to send me a suggestion for fiddling the kernel,
and I tried it out but unfortunately it didn't work. (Thanks for the
suggestion, though, Hal).

A number of people (most respondents) pointed out that we should have
read various things more carefully before we ordered the cards. I'm
happy to agree with that, because I didn't do the ordering. I would
be inclined to suggest that someone from Sun should have noticed an
order for six 10/30's and six old Ethernet cards and mentioned
something, but I suppose that would be asking for too much.

The card that will perform this job in the sun4m systems is an FSBE
card, which comes in single ended (FSBE/S) or differential SCSI
(FSBE/D) models, part number X1053A (or so I'm told). They include a
SCSI connector and a twisted pair Ethernet connector. They are also
more than twice the price of the older cards. Naturally, Sun have been
unable to supply this card as a replacement, and currently we are
running several Xterminal labs directly on our network backbone.
Apparently the FSBE cards are hard to get hold of, i.e. they take a
long time to appear after being ordered.

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