SUMMARY: SPARCprinter and duplex printing

From: Gordon Kido SE12 4176 (
Date: Sat Jan 30 1993 - 01:02:29 CST

     Thanks for the responses to the question about SPARCprinters and
duplex printing. My original posting was the following:

     We have a SPARCprinter attached to one of our Sun servers. I would like
 to know if there is a way to make it print double sided, i.e. duplex printing.
 I have called the Sun Answer people but they said it can't be done using
  Gordon Kido

   I received several responses to the above. Most of them said that
  the SPARCprinter is not capable of duplex printing. Several of
  them mentioned that they use other printers that do duplex printing
  and use NeWSprint.

 Thanks to:

                         Gordon Kido

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