summary: vt100 cmds, scsi to *, scsi floppies

From: Steve M. Blumenau (
Date: Fri Jan 29 1993 - 18:44:48 CST

vt100 - use the break key to get to > prompt.

scsi to * interface boards.

MFM: Adaptec ACB4000. These were used in some of the early Sun3
        shoeboxes, usually with a 70Mb drive (and sometimes with a
        60Mb QIC tape mounted in the same box). There is also an
        RLL version, but I don't know how well it works with SunOS.
ESDI: Emulex MD21. These were used in some slightly newer Sun3
        shoeboxes, usually with a 140Mb drive (and again some of
        them also had the 60Mb QIC tape).
These were the only SCSI disk interfaces supported by SunOS 3.5 .
As far as I know, neither the ACB4000 nor the MD21 is still in production
however they should still be available from Apex, Rave, et al.
SMD: I have heard of similar adapters for SMD, but don't know
        manufacturers or model numbers.
IDE: I've not heard of anything like this for IDE, however IDE
        drives are enough cheaper than other interfaces (owing to
        volume engendered by their use in PC's) that someone may
        have produced one. If you find any, I'd be interested in
        hearing about them.
FD: SCSI floppy disks are available from some of the third-party
        manufacturers (APunix, AnDataCo, etc.).

scsi floppies -

Artecon - no address
APunix - no address
AnDataCo - no address
Aurora - waltham, ma 617-290-4844

thanks to all

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