SUMMARY: How to prevent window re-size?

From: Robert J. Cronin (
Date: Tue Jan 26 1993 - 03:38:14 CST

The original question concerned how to tell OpenWindows3.0 to not place
re-size corners on an xterm window being used for TN3270.

I received 5 responses, (of which one was a FLAME!).

There was one direct response, suggesting:

> try to use olvwm and the following resource:
> olvwm.NoDecor: xterm
> this will bring up your xterm without border and resize corners.

I tried this with olvwm, and didn't have any luck. However, OW3.0 did
accept this resource setting, and removed all decorations EXCEPT the
re-size corners. It appeared to behave the same as the "MinimalDecor"

Two suggested using "x3270" instead of TN3270. I wasn't aware of this
program, but have now retrieved the source, and hope to try it out soon.
This may be the best solution.

One person suggested getting the X11R5 source for xterm and work from there.

The last suggestion was to take my problem elsewhere! :-(

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Bob Cronin

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I am using xterm under OW3.0 as the display window for our TN3270
sessions. Re-sizing the window during a mainframe session causes
irreparable damage to the session display, so I am trying to convince
xterm not to allow re-size. I have tried making the following resource
setting requests, but none seem to be honored:

tn3270*allowShellResize: False
tn3270*frameShowResizeCorner: False
tn3270*resizeCorners: False

xterm is invoked in the following fashion (note the "-name tn3270" argument):

 xterm -geometry 80x34+130+100 -fg LawnGreen -bg black -bd HotPink \
         -j -cr HotPink -mb -nb 8 -s -sf -wf -name tn3270 \
         -title "TN3270 (mod3 xterm) --DON'T RESIZE THIS WINDOW!" \
         -e sh -c "/software/user/disttn3270/tn3270/tn3270 \
         -t /software/user/disttn3270/transcom/tk3270 mainframe \
         || (echo && echo HIT RETURN TO DESTROY WINDOW && read dummy)" &

Does anyone know of a resource setting that will convince OW3.0 xterm
not to allow re-size?


Bob Cronin --

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