SUMMARY: automount needs local hosts in NIS host table?

From: Marty Leisner (leisner%gnu@alpha.Xerox.COM)
Date: Mon Jan 25 1993 - 20:46:58 CST

I ended up using amd...(I strongly recommend it...). I didn't investigate

>From Oleg Chaikovsky: (
        Try forcing automount to use the /etc/auto.master file in your host's rc.local
        file like this.
        if [ -f /usr/etc/automount ] ; then
                automount -f /etc/auto.master &&; echo -n ' automount

>From Mike Raffery (
        I should think it would be highly desirable to add this host to NIS hosts,
        wouldn't it? A number of other programs are likely to complain, when
        gethostbyaddr or ...byname fail, which is what happens in this situation.
        (e.g., lpd probably doesn't work).

I agree...but it sometimes is more trouble than its worth, when you don't
control the hosts table...

Actually, Sun NIS hosts is braindead...its either all or nothing...

I understand Ultrix allows configuration of local and remote hosts, and which
one is read first.

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