SUMMARY: make sendmail trace msg like traceroute

From: Carlos Alberto M. Carvalho (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1993 - 03:22:33 CST

My first try didn't make it so here it is again.

Well I received only 2 replys and a couple of me-too's. It seems that nobody
really knows how it's done, and I got no answers from Japan :-(

Here is the conclusion, from Guy Harris (
>Neat trick, if not all the routing is being done by "sendmail" itself -
>for example, if it sends the message to a "smart host" and expects the
>"smart host" to route it.

That's not the case. The trick works for msgs travelling both inside and
outside Japan.

>I suspect that, in practice, what they did was to somehow arrange that
>any mail routing *done on the machine running "sendmail"* will be done
>"verbosely" when "sendmail" is run with the "-v" flag.
>As I don't know how they're doing that routing, I've no idea how they've
>arrange to have it done verbosely when the "-v" flag is specified; they
>may have modified "sendmail" to do the routing itself, or may have
>modified it to be able to invoke "mail router" programs and pass a "-v"
>flag onto them.

Maybe there are special routing programs. The network there is different,
because it supports Japanese, which is encoded in 2 bytes for each character.


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