SUMMARY: hostid prom from SS2 -> SS10 ?

From: Terry Rosenbaum (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1993 - 17:27:14 CST

Hello fellow sun-managers,

SUMMARY of original query (Tue, 19 Jan 93 11:59:32 EST):

>Does anyone know whether or not the hostid prom can be swapped between a Sun
>SparcStation 2 and a Sun SparcStation 10/41 ?


The answer is NO.


The hostid proms are apparently neither mentally nor physically compatible
between SS2 and SS10 machines.

The first (2 or 4) digits of the hostid encode cpu type. The SS10 hostid
prom has 2 more pins than the SS2 one.

Thanks to the following individuals whose replies arrived here before
Wed, 20 Jan 1993 10:30:00 EST (and to anyone else whose reply arrives
after that):

> ups!kalli!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
> I would doubt it - the SS2 is a sun4c machine, and the 10/41 a sun4m.

> Mike Raffety <>
> Most definitely not. Different kernel architectures (sun4c -> sun4m),
> for one. There's a lot more there than the hostid.

> I would think not, since the hostid PROM also contains the info about
> what kind of CPU it is....

> Geert Jan de Groot <>
> Unlikely. The first two digits are (were) used to specify the machine
> type.

> (George Wilson)
> Unfortunately, the hostid is larger on the SparcStation 10/41 than that
> of the Sparc 2. I believe the SparcStation has 2 more pins than the
> the Sparc 2.

> Christian Lawrence <>
> can't say for sure ... but highly doubt it.

> Mr T Crummey (DIJ) <>
> ID PROMS cannot be swapped netween systems of different types suchs SS2
> -> SS10. First of all the machine type is encoded into the hostid.
> The first 4 digits are the type code. Also the PROMS will not be laid
> out the same.
> I presume you want to do this so that some piece of S/W continues to
> run without a break. I am afraid that you will have to contact the
> vendor and get a new code. Most vendors are reasonable about this.

Exact guess as to WHY! The software is licensed Sun compilers/tools. The
license server is due to be upgraded from SS2 -> SS10. The vendor is Sun :)
They allow licenses to move between hostids twice per year and 5 times per
lifetime (of the software ?). After that, nobody (at Sun) knows what
happens (buy the package all over again?).


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