SUMMARY: DNS/NIS with multiple NIS domains - AGAIN

From: Milt Ratcliff (milt@PE-Nelson.COM)
Date: Wed Jan 20 1993 - 01:02:23 CST

After my summary about the use of the -d option with ypserv, I received two messages...

David Barr <>
Mr T Crummey (DIJ) <>

Both said that the man page for ypserv was FUBAR with respect to the -d option. The
-d option is for debugging. When we 'discovered' the solution, using -d, we were
logged on remotely to the second NIS server and did not see the debugging information.
Indeed when the -d option is used, the console is filled with output which is similar
to that from nslookup.

It is interesting to not however that this same debugging data did NOT appear on the
console of the primary NIS server which is also running 'named'.

After resetting the ypserv to run with no option and rebooting the secondary NIS server,
name resolution now works. So the rules for multiple NIS servers with separate NIS
domains seem to be the same as for one; resolv.conf must exist on the machine and the
NIS database must be built with the -b option enabled.

It is also important to realize that stopping and restarting ypserv may not lead to
results which are the same as those obtained with a reboot. There may be ways to insure
that the results are the same but we did not attempt to discover them. We rebooted.

Many thanks for the follow-up messages.

-- Milt

Milt Ratcliff

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