SUMMARY: DNS/NIS with multiple NIS domains

From: Milt Ratcliff (milt@PE-Nelson.COM)
Date: Tue Jan 19 1993 - 01:10:18 CST

The original question, not repeated, concerned the availability of DNS for
machines in a separate NIS domain from the DNS server.

Simply, the ypmaster for our first NIS domain is also our DNS name
server(the only one). A second NIS domain could not access the name server.

The solution is:

1. ALL ypservers must have their hosts database built with the -b option.
2. ALL ypservers must have ypserv run with the -d option.(Michael Baumann)
3. ALL ypservers, other than the DNS master must have a correct resolf.conf
   file in /etc.

For us, point 2 was the one which fixed our problem. It is not necessary, although it
may be desirable, to have more than one name server.

Thanks to:
------------------------------------------------------ (Ian MacPhedran)
Timothy G. Smith - Special Projects <tgsmith@Sun.COM> (Fabrice Guerini) (Bill Bogstad) (Ed Strong)
Mike Raffety <>
Randy Diffenderfer <> (Michael Borowiec)
"Marc P. Rinfret" <> (Keith Landgraf) (Michael Baumann)

-- Milt

Milt Ratcliff

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