SUMMARY: odd message from rpc.etherd

From: Patrick L. Nolan (pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Mon Jan 18 1993 - 20:37:32 CST

Here's my original posting:
> Several times a day the following message appears on the console:
> rpc.etherd: bad lnth 42 dst ffffffffffffsrc 08002008ef1d
> The number 08002008ef1d is the ethernet address of the host.
> The message isn't logged by syslog.
> Also, rpc.etherd is using 1-2% of the cpu cycles all the time.
> I don't remember this behavior before.
> Any idea what's happening?

I received replies from 8 people, and the concensus is that there
is no real problem. The most concise answer came from

>It's nothing much to worry about. rpc.etherd sits at a "funny" layer
>above the ethernet/loopback drivers. What you are seeing are loopback
>packets from the host that by ethernet standards are indeed "runts".
>However, these aren't being pushed out onto the ethernet. In fact 42
>looks like the length of an ARP packet. It's probably resolved
>and thus never sent out onto the network.

>rpc.etherd chews CPU proportionally to the amount of traffic on the

There was an inquiry about this by Eckhard R"uggeberg
some time ago, and he kindly sent me his summary. It included this
>We reported the bug to Sun many
> months ago, and they just this week sent us a patch to try out. I
> think it has an official patch number yet.
( (Steve Jay {Ultra Unix SW Mgr}) )

I have set my sources to work to see if we can find the official bug
and patch number for this.

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