SUMMARY: eeprom checksum errors

From: Dave Shevett (sparc!
Date: Mon Jan 18 1993 - 17:43:47 CST

Thanks for tall who replied. My original query was when I was setting
up for a dial in-out modem on my SparcServer/330, why was I getting
checksum errors using the 'eeprom' command.

Well, interesting enuff, the wonderful answer 'Don't worry about it,
that's normal' seems to be the rule of thumb. All /330's report this
error. Use the -i flag on the eeprom command to make the changes
and ignore the error message.

The second question was why certain fields were not appearing in the
eeprom listing. Well, they just aren't there. And actually, it
doesn't matter, because these are only default values for the boot.
They can be changed with ttysoftcar, or via the gettytab and Dialers

Thanx to:

Mike Raffety
Michael Sullivan
Graham Carpenter
Glenn Satchell
Laszlo Nemeth
Hal Stern - NE Are
Jim Lick
Michael G. Harring
Ed Strong
Jeff Aldrich
Russ Poffenberger

Special thanks to Glenn Satchell, who forwarded Dave Meyer's excellent
summary on how to set up inbound and outbound modems.

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