From: Anthony Datri (
Date: Thu Jan 14 1993 - 11:48:05 CST

>- LX has onboard ISDN support, IPX doesn't.

I've yet to see a description of ISDN that doesn't make it look like nothing
more than a bunch of serial ports.

>- LX has narrow/fast SCSI (max 10MB/sec), IPX has max 5MB/sec SCSI

I'm skeptical that this matters in a workstation-class machine.

>- LX has 16bit (CD quality) sound, IPX has 8bit (phone quality) sound

Complex sound on a workstation is little more than an affection.

>- LX has GX+ framebuffer (supports double buffering), IPX has GX

Unless the sunGX.o file that Sun gives MIT supports it, it's useless.

>- LX has onboard 10baseT tranceiver (but needs conversion cable
> for AUI), IPX has only AUI (no conversion cable needed).

Which means that I have to pay for the useless 10baseT tranceiver.



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